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Applications are open to run for Lehigh Student Senate 37!
Apply using the form below. Applications are open from Monday, April 15th until Thursday, April 25th at 11:59pm.

What are the requirements to run for Lehigh Student Senate?

Student Senate is Lehigh’s elected body of undergraduate representatives and a premier leadership development organization for all students. Through forward-thinking, effective communication, and active representation, Student Senate aims to develop an integrated community that is empowered to build a greater Lehigh. Senators meet twice a week — once as a full body and again in a smaller committee to focus on specific projects. Additionally, Senators are required to partake in community service activities each semester, fostering a sense of social responsibility and connection to the larger community. Now is a critical point for student representation at Lehigh, so we encourage you to apply if you are interested in making Lehigh the best it can be!

As a Senator, you will attend Full Senate meetings each Tuesday from 4:30 to 6:00PM. At these meetings, we vote on club funding and recognition bills, track and enhance senator projects, attend guest speaker sessions, and discuss important topics surrounding campus issues. Each Senator also serves on a committee that either focuses on the inner workings of senate or a key issue on campus. The eight committees are listed below 

Allocations: funds clubs and organizations through annual budgets and additional funding requests

Bethlehem Outreach: improves the relationship between Lehigh and the greater Bethlehem community

Club Affairs: approves the recognition of clubs and serves as a resource to student organizations

Diversity & Inclusion: fosters a diverse, inclusive and equitable campus community

Facilities & Services: communicates student feedback to various student service offices to help improve the Lehigh campus experience

Health, Safety, & Wellness: promotes the balance of wellness, health and the safety of students

Student Outreach: plans campus-wide events and solicits feedback from the student body on campus issues

Public Relations: communicates Senate initiatives; members should be familiar with any of the following: graphic design, marketing, web development.

Applications are due Wednesday, April 24th at 11:59 pm EST. Voting begins Thursday, April 25th and closes at 10pm on Monday, April 29th. Voting will occur through LINC - you will receive an email with the voting form. This form can also be accessed through our instagram page (@lehighsenate). In order to apply for Student Senate, you must be available every Tuesday from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. You are also required to attend the Senate Winter Retreat in February.

How do I join Lehigh Student Senate?

Lehigh Student Senate is a great opportunity to make a tangible impact on campus, meet new friends, and develop your leadership skills. There are two ways to become a member of Student Senate:

1) Elections — Most of our seventy Senators are selected through a campus-wide election at the end of each spring semester, taking their position right before the end of the academic year so they have the summer to prepare for the year's work. First-year elections take place during the first week of classes while the other constituencies are voted on during the previous Spring semester. To be added to the ballot, you must submit a brief platform, and headshot.

2) Application — In the case that seats open up through the Fall semester, Lehigh Student Senate accepts applications for the organization at the start of each semester. After reviewing applications, a committee of Senators will select applicants for a 20-minute interview. All undergraduates are eligible to submit an application.

To become a Lehigh Student Senator, you must: be an undergraduate, full-time matriculating student; agree to attend in-person weekly Full Senate meetings (Tuesdays from 4:30-6:00 pm); agree to serve on one committee, which meets weekly; agree to represent the concerns of your constituency and work for positive change on campus. If you have any questions about joining our organization, please email us at Actively check our Instagram for timely updates on election and application openings.