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Official Bylaws (linked)

The Student Senate is a body of undergraduates who act as representatives and voice students' concerns at Lehigh University. We are comprised of 60 members divided into six constituencies based on housing: First-Year, Fraternity, Sorority, On-Campus, Off-Campus, and Athlete.

All of our Senators attend Full Senate meetings each Tuesday from 4:30-5:45PM in Sinclair Auditorium. At these meetings, we discuss key issues on campus, from student apathy to academic policy changes, and everything in between. All of these meetings are open to the public at large, and we invite guest speakers almost every week that relate to our main discussion topic.

In addition to attending weekly Full Senate meetings, each Senator is a member of one of our eight committees. These which focus on the internal workings of the Senate: Allocations, Club Affairs, Public Relations, Student Outreach, Bethlehem Outreach, Diversity and Inclusion, Facilities and Services, and Health, Safety and Wellness. Allocations and Club Affairs deal closely with nearly every student organization at Lehigh as they provide funding and club recognition. Meanwhile, Public Relations and Student Outreach focus on the Senate's communication efforts, event planning, and feedback solicitation. Bethlehem Outreach, Diversity and Inclusion, Facilities and Services, and Health, Safety and Wellness often plan events related to their specific area and meet with relevant administrators to voice students' concerns and make improvements on Lehigh's campus and the Bethlehem community. 

Our Executive Board is responsible for managing and directing all of these groups and the Senate as a whole. The Executive Board consists of the President, Vice President of Communications, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Internal Affairs, and Vice President of Leadership. Each quarter, the President and Vice President of Leadership attend Board of Trustees meetings to represent Lehigh undergraduates and present about the Senate's progress. 

With eight committees and sixty dedicated Senators, we work tirelessly to make Lehigh University a better place for all undergraduates. If you have suggestions and/or would like to learn more about what we do, feel free to contact us at insen@lehigh.edu