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What does Lehigh Student Senate do?

As the elected governing body for all undergraduate students, Lehigh Student Senate promotes positive change on campus and serves as the primary liaison between students and the university. To accomplish this, Lehigh Student Senate seeks continuous input from the student body, frequently meets with administrators across all of Lehigh's offices, and pushes forward on solving key issues facing all undergraduate students. Our Full Senate meetings are held on Tuesdays at 4:30PM in Room 108 of the Business Innovation Building, and are the main forum for all large-scale discussions and decision-making. At Full Senate meetings, all seventy-plus Senators dive into thoughtful conversations with administrators, vote on several bills and resolutions, and support leadership programming. In and out of the classroom, Lehigh Student Senate faithfully performs many essential functions across campus:

- Recognition of new clubs and sponsored organizations on campus each semester

- Provide funding for hundreds of Senate-recognized clubs and our sponsored organizations

- Sponsoring countless campus events and providing students with leadership development and support

- Hundreds of volunteer hours between all seventy-plus Senators each semester

- Attending quarterly Board of Trustees meetings

- Inform students of key campus news and events through our social media outlets and official channels

- Host inclusive events essential to campus life, such as the Lehigh-Lafayette Tailgate, Dîner en Blanc, and Civic Engagement Day

- Electing student representatives to various faculty committees

- Lead the selection of a commencement speaker

- Strengthening the relationship between Lehigh University and the Bethlehem community

- And so much more!