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The Club Affairs Committee oversees the approval or rejection of recognition of new student organizations as well as the status of active Student Senate- recognized organizations. Through Office Hours and a Senator liaison program, the Club Affairs Committee aims to provide guidance to both newly- founded and established clubs.

At each Club Affairs meeting, club executive boards present to a committee of senators to request recognition, classification change, or a name change. Following these presentations, the Club Affairs Committee evaluates the club's requests and collaborates on a recommendation to grant or deny the club's request.

The following Tuesday, the Club Affairs Chair presents the committee's suggestions to the Senate, and Senators are able to ask the Club Affairs Committee questions about these requests. Then the Senate votes on the requests and club executives are notified of the Senate's decision within five days of the vote occurring.

The Club Affairs Chair works closely alongside the Office of Student Engagement, specifically Assistant Dean and Director Aarsenio Perry and Office Coordinator Evelynda Santos to assure clubs' requests are fairly assessed. Have a question about your Club Affairs request? Visit our Club Affairs FAQ here. If you have further questions or comments regarding Club Affairs, please contact Club Affairs Chair Victoria Drzymala at

This past semester, Victoria and her committee were able to revise the Club Affairs bylaws to make the club recognition process smoother and more equitable. They also designed and implemented a creative and collaborative structure (workshops and a liaison program) to better support new clubs, develop leadership abilities, and help clubs start networking early on. They cemented their part in making Lehigh more colorful in terms of communities and clubs. 





Meet the Upcoming Committee Chair!

Victoria Drzymala-

Hi! My name is Victoria Drzymala, and I’m a sophomore studying Political Science and International Relations in the College of Arts and Sciences. As a Gryphon, I represent the on-campus constituency and will be chairing the Club Affairs committee this year. I’ve previously worked on and chaired the Diversity and Inclusion committee.


I plan to strengthen connections between clubs and organizations and ensure that their executive teams are confident and open-minded leaders. Clubs are one of Lehigh’s most important features; I’m here to make sure both new and old clubs operate smoothly!