Diversity & Inclusion

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The mission of the Diversity and Inclusion committee is to work to foster a diverse, inclusive and equitable community at Lehigh

Committee Chair and Committee Update

Ashley Kim - ajk324@lehigh.edu

Ashley is a second-year Senator and Commitee Chair of D&I! When asked about the D&I's accomplisments during the Fall 2020 semester, she said that the focus was to get more engagenment from the entirety of senate in diversity and inclusion matters. Her and her committee held Senate's first candid conversations to discuss external D&I problems and problems within Senate. A main goal of the committee was to bring the discussion of these matters to full senate and not only confine them within the committee. The second candid conversations was centered around thinking of solutions to the problems discussed in the first candid conversations. They continued to expose senators to D&I issues and increase involvment to these issues through committee check-ins and "mini" D&I conversations.  

The Diversity and Inclusion committee of Student Senate works toward its mission through meeting with administrators, communicating with cultural organizations, and hosting informative, inclusive events. In the past, the D&I Committee hosted events like Say It Out Loud!, which invites students to sing, read poetry, dance, or otherwise create performances about social issues and/or their identity. This past semester, the D&I Committee turned inward and evaluated how inclusive Senate itself is and held conversations, called Candid Conversations, about how Senate can become more accountable for their performance and also how Senate can do a better job by representing all Lehigh students in all aspects of student life.  




Recent Accomplishments

Say It Out Loud 1 & 2
Created by Courteney Parry, students acted, danced, or otherwise performed pieces to create an open dialogue about the issues students may face and become more mindful about them