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What do Senate meetings consist of?
Full Senate meetings often begin with guest speakers, and continue with bills from the Club Affairs committee, the Allocations committee, or any other committee or Senator that has a bill to present. These bills are discussed, debated, and eventually voted on. Meetings also may involve discussion about different projects committees are working on or elections for roles within Senate. 
Individual committee meetings vary widely based on their mission, visit the committee tab for more information. 
How can I submit suggestions to Student Senate?
When do elections occur?

Elections occur at three different points during the year. At the end of every Spring semester full senate elections are held for the following academic year. At the beginning of the fall semester, first-years are elected. If there are still vacancies  (meaning not enough people ran in certain constituencies), the Elections Committee is formed and candidates submit resumées to be evaluated and potentially interviewed. Finally, if Senators decide to study abroad in the Spring semester or otherwise leave, the Elections Committee is formed again to fill the vacancies. 

How can I get Student Senate funding for an event I'm planning?

If your event is through a Senate-recognized organization, you may submit a funding request to our Allocations Committee. To do so, visit LINC, sign in, and select the grid icon next to your profile picture. In the dropdown menu, select manage. From here, scroll down to memberships and select your club. On the left hand side of the screen, select Finance and then press the blue button saying "Create Funding Request." For more detailed information on this process and tips on how to submit a great application, click here. (answers with allocations committee and SSAF)

If your event is through a non-Senate recognized organization, you are unfortunately uneligible for funding. Other funding options are: Dean of Students Co-Sponsorship FundStudent Opportunity Fund, and Lehigh After Dark.

If your event is not directly affiliated with an organization, you may be eligible to apply for the Student Senate Action Fund (SSAF). The Student Senate Action Fund is designed to provide a funding resource for non-clubs to put on an innovative, one-time event that positively contributes to the greater Lehigh community. Ideal SSAF events represent the values and mission of Lehigh University well, provide a clear expected participation are open to the greater Lehigh community, and include an undergraduate in the planning process. To apply for the SSAF, first fill out this form. After submission, interested parties will present to Student Senate’s Executive Board, and if approved by the Executive Board, the Board will present the recommendation to Full Senate. The Executive Board has the authority to determine the recommended funding amount if different from the original request, and Full Senate will make the final decision on whether or not the funding will be granted.

How can I start a club?
You can start a club without getting Student Senate recognition; however being a Senate-recognized club provides many benefits. With recognition, your organization will have access to LINC, a Club Affairs Liaison, room reservations, and assistance from the Office of Student Engagement. To be recognized by Student Senate, an organization must submit an application through LINC. This application includes a club constitution, list of club officers, statement of consent from a faculty/ staff member that will serve as advisor to the club, and a petition of at least twenty-five students that support the club. After submitting an application, the club must present its goals and purposes to the Club Affairs committee and answer any questions that the committee may have. Once the club has presented, Student Senate will vote to either grant or deny the club preliminary recognition. If granted, preliminary recognition is a fifteen academic week trial period for the club to function. Club performance over this trial period will be evaluated in deciding whether or not to grant full recognition.
If you have more specific question about the Club Affairs process, visit our Club Affairs FAQ.
I want to run for Senate — what constituency should I run in?
  • If you're a first-year: first-year constituency (even if you're an athlete)
  • If you're in Greek life: fraternity/sorority constituency (even if you no longer live in your chapter house)
  • If you live on-campus (non-Greek): on-campus constituency
  • If you live off-campus (non-Greek): off-campus constituency
  • If you are a non-first year and an athlete: athlete constituency
  • If you are an athlete and a member of a fraternity/sorority: athlete constituency

Note: if elected, you remain a representative of the constituency you rain in for the semester/year that you ran for even if you move or join a Greek house

What do the different committees do?

Head to the committees tab on the top of the webpage to learn more!

Can I come to Senate meetings as a non-senator?

Yes! All meetings are open.

When does Student Senate meet?

We meet Tuesdays at 4:30 pm.

Have more questions? Email us at insen@lehigh.edu.

If you have more specific question about the Club Affairs process, visit our Club Affairs FAQ.