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Stay tuned for more information on how to join Student Senate this school year!
The 2022-2023 Spring application is not out yet. Please check in later.

Join Student Senate XXXV

Student Senate is a great opportunity to make a tangible impact on campus, meet new friends, and develop your leadership skills. There are two ways to become a member of Student Senate:

1) Elections — Most of our Senators are selected through a campus-wide election at the end of each spring semester. First-year elections take place during the first week of classes while the other constituencies* are voted on during the previous Spring semester. To be added to the ballot, you must submit a brief platform, headshot, and a petition of 20 signatures from members of your constituency.

2) Application — To fill the rest of the open seats, we accept applications for Student Senate at the start of each semester. After reviewing applications, a committee of Senators will select applicants for a 20-minute interview. All undergraduates are eligible to submit an application.

To be a Senator, you must:

  • Be an undergraduate, full-time matriculating student
  • Agree to attend weekly full Senate meetings (Tuesdays from 4:30- 6:00 pm)
  • Agree to serve on one committee, which meets weekly
  • Agree to represent the concerns of your constituency and work for positive change on campus


If you have any questions about joining senate, email us at


*A constituency is the body of voters who elect a student to the Student Senate. Your constituency is based on your housing: First-Year, Fraternity, Sorority, On-Campus, Off-Campus, and Athlete. Please note, if you are a First-Year student, that is the constituency for which you must run. If you are a upperclassmen Varsity Athlete, you are a part of the Athlete constituency. Also note that if you are in a fraternity or sorority and not an athlete, that is the constituency you must run for (regardless of whether you live on or off campus). Finally, if you are living in Southside Commons next year, that is included in the off-campus constituency.